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CYBERSHOP will not accept any item unless it is accompanied by a Return Authorisation Number.

Returnable items should be packed appropriately for courier transit.

CYBERSHOP will accept items by the following methods

Part return by registered courier (pre-approval and RA number required)

Part return by Registered Post (Pre-approval and RA number required)

Part return in person (RA number can be created in store)

CYBERSHOP reserves the right to refuse any returned item that arrives by courier or post that does not have a valid RA number on the outside of the box.

CYBERSHOP reserves the right to decline an RA if the device appears to be damaged in any way that would void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Items returned by courier or postal service must be done so at the customer’s expense.

CYBERSHOP reserves the right to charge for freight to send a repaired item back to the customer.

If an item arrives and RA is declined for any reason, the customer will have to arrange collection of the faulty goods.

If the customer does not arrange collection of the faulty good within 30 days of being notified, the goods may be destroyed.

A customer MUST arrange collection or ask us to dispatch the replacement or repaired item within 30 days of being notified.

Return freight to the customer if they ask for it to be sent by courier will be charged to the courier.

Unclaimed items will be destroyed after 30 days.


Most computer components are very fragile and should be handled with care. Various computer components are likely to be sensitive to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD). These components should be packaged appropriately for transit.

ESD Sensitive components MUST be inside a static bag.

Intel Socket LGA-775 / LGA-1366 / LGA-1156 / LGA-1155 / LGA-1150 / LGA-1151 / LGA-2011 / LGA-2066; AMD Socket sTR4

These mainboards have pins directly on the socket, if you are returning devices with these sockets please ensure the following.

The CPU should be removed from the mainboard

The Socket Protector Cap should be installed on the socket.

The board should be placed in a static bag

The board in its static bag with protector cap installed should be placed, padded in a sturdy box or back in its original box.

AMD Processors (except Socket sTR4).

These processors have pins on the Processor. The only acceptable form of returning these processors is to return them in their original packaging. If you do not having the packaging, please bring the mainboard with CPU installed (cooler removed) to our store and we can remove it for you and place it in a protective case.

Intel Processors

These processors have contact pads on the bottom instead of pins. These are ESD sensitive devices and should be placed in their original carriers and then inserted in to a static bag for return. If returning by Registered post or courier, please pad the static bag and then place in a sturdy box.

Hard Disk Drives, Graphics Cards, Expansion Cards, SSDs, Mainboards.

These devices are ESD sensitive devices. They should be placed inside a static bag, and then padded if sending by courier.

Laptops – These devices can sustain damage that would not be covered by warranty due to poor packaging.

The best way to transport a laptop is inside its original box.

Never pack a laptop’s AC adapter on top or underneath the laptop.

Always pack an AC adapter separately inside the same box (separate padding)

Place AC adapters and other accessories on the side of the laptop, never on top or beneath.


Use the original box where possible.

If you do not have the original box

Remove the stand and all ancillary cables.

Pack the laptop in a box after padding the front LCD panel side with 3CM or more of padding.

Pack the stand in the same box, padded separately.

Seal the box so that the contents cannot move around inside.

Never place a sharp or hard object against the LCD panel portion of the Monitor, it will be damaged in transit and will not be covered by warranty.

Tablets & Phones – Disconnect Chargers, pad device with 2CM of padding, pad the Charger separately, place both in a sturdy box and seal so contents cannot move inside the box.


CYBERSHOP cannot be held liable for physical damage due to improper packaging. Any physical damage on your device when it is received will immediately void the warranty.

CYBERSHOP recommends the following packaging rules:

Original box and internal packing is the preferred way to transport your device back to CYBERSHOP

The device should have at least 2-4CM of padding on all sides.

If including any accessories with the device, pad the accessories separately to the device

Chargers and other accessories should be placed on the side of the device, never on top or underneath

The equipment after having adequate padding listed above should then be placed in a sturdy box.

Below is a list of packaging suggestions that are most likely to damage your device in transit which will void your warranty:

Device without any sturdy box or padding/wrapping.

Device in a plastic bag, unsealed.

The device loosely packed inside a box without any padding.

Device tightly packed in a box with accessories on top or underneath the device.

If you are unsure exactly how to pack your item, please email or call us and we can advise you the best method for packing for your device.


CYBERSHOP can only honour a product’s warranty if it is a genuine manufacturing fault. There are a few types of faults that are not covered by a limited hardware warranty. For items that come with an accidental damage covered warranty, some of these fault types below may be covered. You should check your manufacturer’s warranty certificate before submitting your item for warranty claim as any system found to be non-coverable will be assessed for out of warranty repair at a cost of $69.00 should you not proceed with the quotation for repair.

Fault types that are not coverable by a limited hardware warranty:

Physical Damage (Cracks, dents, heavy scratches, broken components)

When a lard object (laptop AC adapter) is placed on top of the laptop (or in a pocket outside the bag). This can cause what appear to be dead pixels to form in a particular shape on the LCD panel. This type of fault will NOT be covered by a limited hardware warranty. If your device has an accidental damage cover warranty, check your warranty certificate or with the manufacturer to see if this would be covered.

Liquid damage

Liquid damage could be anything from a few drops of water landing on the machine through to full submersion in liquid.

We may even find signs of Liquid damage if the machine is operated in extremely humid environments that exceed its manufacturing operating humidity figures as defined by the devices manufacturer in the products user manual.

Excessive Temperature

If the device is operated in ambient temperatures outside of the range specified as safe by the manufacturer, the warranty may be voided by the manufacturer.


If the device exhibits signs of tampering to the outer chassis or has an indication that it has been disassembled without prior approval, the machine may have its warranty voided by the manufacturer.

Tampering also means if we find non-original components inside the device. Unless the device was assembled by CYBERSHOP, all non-original components found inside the device will cause the warranty to be voided by the manufacturer.

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